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I feel like a broken record asking this question. And am sick an tired of all the legend requests on the gts that are not going anywhere. But recently I've got some mixed answers so now I need help... I saw a giveaway on Instagram for a shiny legendary Pokémon. I proceeded to self -righteously comment on the picture, "you know, you can't trade that on the gts, right?" The guys response was, you can- you just can't trade event Pokémon on the gts. That through me for a loop. I attempted this with my non- event victini. Just as I suspected, no- go. I still have lingering doubts, pls help me put them to rest guys

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Bulbapedia says:

Pokémon with a Classic Ribbon or Premier Ribbon cannot be traded on the GTS, making event-exclusive Pokémon even more difficult to obtain as they frequently come with such Ribbons attached.


So you could trade a Victini on the GTS if you obtained it illegitimately so that it doesn't have a classic ribbon. But any legitimately obtained event legendary can't be traded on the GTS. Normal legendaries are fine though, since you can obtain as many of those as you want in a game you can get it in, and they don't come with ribbons.

Also, what do you mean by non-event Victini? t's an event only Pokemon. If you mean you got it through the liberty garden event in black or white, it still counts as an event Pokemon (which probably explains why you can't trade it on the GTS). But if it really doesn't have a ribbon, then it's hacked.

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Okay, so the dude was right. Has it always been like that? And I had a hunch. I was just too scared to lose anyone else. Right, I used the one from liberty garden I had in my bank.
The ribbon thing is news to me as well. Cool, thankyou for your help!