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Title says it all. I just got to route 6 and I looked at the movepool for deerling. Plus it looks cool. My cottonee is good but it seems a little soft (in terms of hp). I was wondering if Sawsbuck would be better than a cottonguard Whimsicott.


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It depends on usage:
If your only going to use either of them for in-game battles then I would recommend Sawsbuck for his decent attack and speed and also his okay defenses. Plus if your concerned about HP then you'll be happy to know that Sawsbuck's HP is slightly better then Whimsicott's. However, if you're going to use either of them for competitive battles then I would recommend Whimsicott. Although Sawsbuck would be great in a Sunny Day team with his Chlorophyll Ability, Whimsicott has a unique trait with Prankster. With Prankster as its ability that means non-damaging moves go first (such as Leech Seed, Cotton Guard, etc...) and would be perfect for competitive battles!

Here are some movesets I would use:

Sawsbuck (In-Game) Sap Sipper
Jump Kick
Horn Leech
Double-Edge(with horn leech you can regain some health)

Whimsicott (Competitive) Prankster @leftovers
Grass Whistle/Encore
Cotton Guard
Leech Seed/Toxic
U-Turn/Giga Drain
This is a bit tricky. You could use Grass Whistle on the first turn and put the opposing pokemon to sleep then proceed to leech seed and cotton guard. To keep with the regaining of health theme you could opt for Giga Drain which would gain a STAB and would use his okay sp. atk or you could use U-turn which would be useful to get out of a situation like facing a special sweeper (because Whimsicott's sp. def is lacking) while still causing damage. The only down side is Whimsicott's atk stat is also lacking and he wouldn't gain a STAB bonus.

Personally I like them both.

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I would use Leech Seed instead of Toxic and  U-Turn instead of Giga Drain. That way you can still get HP while dealing a lot of damage. =)
Thanks, I liked Sawsbuck a lot better anyway. I won't be doing any competitive probably.
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I will go with Cottonee. Evolve it at lv.36 so it can learn both Hurricane and Solarbeam which are great moves. Teach it Rain Dance(to boost up power of Hurricane) and Sunny Day(to prevent waste of time charging up Solarbeam). However, use them during different times as Sunny Day reduces the power of Hurricane and Rain Dance increases the charging time of Solarbeam.

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that's like a two-in-one moveset, and you're jumping back and forth. try to stick with one where all of the moves work together
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Well,whismicott has pimp speed and nice sp.atk but defense is weak I think(don't know about whismicott or sawsbuck),but sawsbuck is pretty good also considering wide movepool.i'd personally say sawsbuck,but its your opinion.

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