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Triple battle

Ablility: Telepathy
Spacial Rend(STAB)
Aura Sphere(Coverage)
Earth Power(Coverage)

Ablility: Telepathy
Calm Mind(Bulk)
Shadow Ball(STAB)

Ablility: Telepathy
Ice Beam(Coverage)
Dragon Pulse(STAB)
Heal Block(Stop Lugia from healing itself)

how can this improve

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No but lugia is a threat in uber
Yeah, Lugia is one of the best stallers in the game...
What does STAB mean?
Stab is Same Type Attack Bonus.  EX: If you're a water pokemon and use a water move, it will do 1.5 the damage than it would if the pokemon using the move is a different type.
Another suggestion for items would be the three orbs that go with these three:
Palkia- Lustrous Orb- powers up dragon- and water- type moves
Giratina- Griseous Orb- powers up dragon- and ghost- type moves and turns Giratina into its origin form
Dialga- Adamant Orb- powers up dragon- and steel- type moves
Also, you were nuts to replace Dialga's Roar of Time with something else. It's his signiture/special move.

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Yes, this is a very decent team and like many people pointed out you should switch a move on dialga for roar of time, I suggest switching for heal block instead of flame thrower because I have found it very useful with my dialga.Other than that this team may be one of the best ive ever seen.But I do want to suggest that you make one completely staller than another a what I call an inflicter,or a Inflictor of status while you have a main attacker.....

I think dialga should be the main attacker giratina half inflictor have attacker and palkia half staller half attacker
Roar of time is stab hyper beam Dragon Pulse is better
Roar of time = 150 x 1.5= 225:2=112.5 base damage
Dragon pulse= 90 x 1.5= 135 base damage. so differenece is 135-112.5=22.5. Well, 22.5 difference (it's like ice beam-blizzard) isn't very high so you can chose that you want, but I suggest roar of time because it can OHKO easily other pokemons when dragon pulse is 2HKO...