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Hyper training increase some stats and lowers others? It gives more points in the end if the choose stat for hyper training match the perfected IV? Or the result of the hyper trained stat would be the same, even if the IV were different?

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The result of fully hyper training any two Pokemon that are identical except for their IVs would be the same for both of them. It increases all their IVs to 31, not by any set amount. If you don't count EVs or natures, a Pokemon with the worst IVs can have the same stats as a Pokemon with the best IVs through hyper training.

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it doesn't change their IVs at all no matter what nintendo tells you. it will buff your stats to what they would be if you did have perfect IVs. therefore it won't effect hidden power (but that's irrelivant)
it won't lower stats, just raises them by different ammounts depending on how many IVs they already had.

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