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i want to catch this regice with no master balls but I wanna know which one is better quick or ultra? dont say dusk balls please or other pokeballs I just want an answer out of those 2 and I already know the catch rates so.. does that mean quick ball then?

Why can't you use dusk balls or timer balls? Those are both a lot better.
You could just stall using a move like Recover and then use a timer ball.

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Definitely Ultra-balls

Legendary Pokemon have low catch rates, and require you to get them

  • to a low amount of HP (Preferably in the red)
  • have a non-volatile status (Poison/Sleep/Paralysis/Burn, of which Sleep is most effective)

Thus, these require multiple turns.

The thing about Quick Balls is that they are very useful the very first turn, and keep getting progressively worse, until they become as effective as normal Pokeballs by around turn 5. They are thus recommended for low level, easy to catch (high catch rate) Pokemon more than Legendary ones like Regice.

Thus, your best bet is to lower its HP, put it to sleep, and spam Ultraballs.

If you're lucky, though, using a Quick Ball the first turn might let you catch it. If not, try the other steps from turn two onwards and spam Ultraballs, which remain equally effective no matter what turn it is.

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thanks it worked but i think you should  paralyze it cause it can easily wake up from sleep after a few turns but i guess you could try sleep
I managed to catch Solgaleo with a Pokéball, first try, after lowering its HP down to 1/2 without giving it any status conditions.