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I keep using the Thunderstone on my Pikachu (no, i'm not making it hold the stone) but for some reason, it says UNABLE. Do my Powersaves have anything to do with it? If not, then what is going on?

It might help if you took a picture of it and sent it.
Can you list all information about it like what its nature is and things like that? It might help to know some more about the Pikachu.
Was the Pikachu obtained from an event or an NPC?
Are you sure you're using a Thunderstone and not a Different evolutionary Stone?
"Do my Powersaves have anything to do with it?"

Did you use powersaves?

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Maybe Power Saves is causing the game to glitch?

If it's a regular Pikachu then it should be able to evolve, unless it's holding an Everstone.