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in the anime, they replaced amaura with onix

I would say they did it to make the fights more interesting. Amaura isn't very mobile and is pretty small, but Onix is a big powerful snake made of boulders. It's also more impressive when a large Pokémon gets taken out than a small one.

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This question is common. Anime and Games are different.
I have a few things that are different:
Grant's Amaura
Valerie having 2 Pokemon in anime instead of 3.
Olympia doing double battles in the anime
Wulfric doesn't have Cryogonal in the Anime.
No lysandre's zygarde thingy in the Game.
Winona doesn't have skarmory.
Norman has Slakoth,vigoroth, and slaking in the anime, instead of a vigoroth and 2 slakings

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