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Here it is:

Ablilty: Illusion

Night Daze (amazing STAB)
Aerial Ace (great coverage)
Shadow Ball

Extrasensory (great coverage)

Ability: Flash Fire

Fire Blast (good STAB)
Shadow Ball (good STAB/coverage)
Sunny Day (good power up)

Solarbeam (great coverage)

Ability: Mold Breaker

Outrage (great STAB/coverage)
Brick Break (great coverage)


Ability: Levitate

Wild Charge (great STAB)
Thunder (great STAB)

Rain Dance (for thunder)

Ability: Water Absorb (dream world!!!)

Earthquake (great STAB)
Surf (great STAB)
Drain Punch

Poison Jab (good coverage)

Ability: Iron Barbs

Power Whip (great STAB)
Flash Cannon (great STAB)
Aerial Ace (good coverage)

Iron Defense

I already have good items for all of them. Thanks!! =)

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Zoroark-instead of Aerial Ace, add Nasty Plot since you already covering Fighting type moves with Extrasensory, and Replace Shadow Ball with Flamethrower for Bug types. That will cover your Zoroark more and better.

Chandelure- It's pretty good to me. Just watch out when trying to set Up because the opponent can easily switch into a Dark type, which can rip through Chandelure

Haxorus-This one isn't Bad either. Try replacing X-Scissor with Dragon Dance to increase its monster Attack, and average Speed. Now you have an effective Sweeper in your hands!

Eelectross-This one is honesty bad. Switch Rain Dance and Thunder with Dragon Tail and Coil. Replace Flamethrower with either Thunder Wave or Toxic(Thunder Wave more recommended)

Seismitoad-Amazing, just Replace Surf with Scald and your set.

Ferrothorn-Good too exept you might want to Use it as a Wall and not a Sweeper.

Hope this helps...

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Thanks for the advice!!!
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