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okay so i've been seeing some Pokemon in the gts with destiny knot as their held item (mostly with ditto's to be honest) & i've been waiting but seen no such question on this matter so i've been itching to ask "said question" above so anyway...

since destiny knot passes down 5 ivs if either parent holds it while breeding; then would 5 ivs be passed down if the Pokemon (ditto) holding the item was traded for the Pokemon that, that trainer wanted?

like for example, if I had a ditto (with 6 perfect ivs) hold a destiny knot and I wanted to trade the ditto for a male heracross would I then get the heracross with at least 4 (if not 5) of ditto's perfect ivs??


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No, because that is not how destiny knot works. According to Serebii the destiny knot works like this:

When this item is held by a Pokémon, if the holder becomes Infatuated, the Pokémon it is attracted to also becomes Infatuated.
As of Pokémon X & Y, this item, when attached to a Pokémon while breeding, will cause the baby Pokémon to inherit 5 IVs from its parents

Notice how it does not mention trading. Also, when trading for a Pokemon in the GTS, you will get the exact Pokemon the trainer put up. EVs, IVs, natures etc. One reason for dittos holding destiny knot in GTS could be that since dittos are used for breeding, trainers may add it to increase the value of it.

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