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If they don't, I think that's pretty homophobic and needs to be changed.

I'm going to clear flags, I'm less inclined to hide this for what it is than I am for the context behind it honestly (joke threads getting a bit much now, alright?) Taking this down because homosexuality is "political" is part of the whole problem of homophobia, so I'm not interested in taking this down on those grounds either.
As was done below, this can be answered fine. However, keep this civil please: don't derail it and don't make it personal, or it goes.
Only reason I'm leaving this thing up is because Rex put in some good work. This is a pretty low effort troll JarJar. You can do better than this.
Unironic trolling is outdated.
Hey, if you gotta feed the troll, at least make it nutritious, that's all I'm saying.

I gotta agree with trachy to an extent though. But I'm not as boring as he is, so I'll side with JarJar here.
The point isn't to trick anybody into thinking this post is serious. It was to make a stupid post to get attention.

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While I'm not sure if this question is allowed or not, and I'm not one to comment on that, I'll try to give an answer to however long this question is still up. I still think you're lowkey trolling, though. Whatever, on with the answer.

There might be gay Pokemon and there might be lesbian Pokemon. We can't say for sure because obviously, Pokemon sexuality is not focused on in the games, due to its target demographic, as well as a lack of depth and detail to that extent. After all, Pokemon is a role-playing game with several hundreds of characters, so it is obvious there isn't the level of depth you might see from another game. We know very little about Pokemon-Pokemon interactions, since we depend on Pokemon-Human interaction to progress through the game.

Hence, we know very little about breeding habits and so on and so forth. The game creators add in just the amount of code to help through the core objective of the game and not much else. All that is coded is for the sake of game advancement, and then maybe battling for fun (or competitive) after the main story line. Nowhere in that chain of events does a Pokemon's (mating) habits come into picture, so there's no need for there to exist specific habits/preferences; from the developers' point of view: It just doesn't matter. A Pokemon's attack do not become stronger or weaker based on what it does when not battling.

Now, here's another practical problem from a battling point of view: The mechanics of abilities like Rivalry and moves like Attract. If developers were to add in gay Pokemon, then it would mess up AI's ability to judge move power (Rivalry) and whether or not it can move (Attract).

And one from breeding point of view: Breeding is already confusing and unclear about the exact process (ahem), so a lot of it doesn't make sense (like the comic with Lampent and Muk). Adding in gay Pokemon won't benefit this process because with respect to biology, a gay couple cannot create life (without surrogacy), so in this case, Egg creation is not affected anyway. Just another reason not to specifically code in gay Pokemon.

This is part 1 of the answer, dealing with the games themselves. I'll add Parts 2 and 3 shortly dealing with Anime/Manga and real world applications as another answer.

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Part 2

With respect to Anime/Manga:

Again, here we see Pokemon-Human interaction far more than Pokemon-Pokemon interactions. And of the few Pokemon-Pokemon interactions very few of those are romantic/sexual in nature. Again, because of target audience, and for not having anything to do with the story line. Most of them involve adventures of protagonists fighting against antagonists, so there is more Adventure and a good-vs-bad vibe than there is a lovey-dovey vibe. Of course, this exists, but mostly as a filler and for the occasional fan-servicing (the SFW kind, to promote emotional attachment to characters to maintain a strong viewer base). Thus, the requirement for gay characters, whether we are talking Pokemon or humans, is slim to none, so we don;t see any of that.

Finally, it is hard enough to identify genders of Pokemon on-screen, so it's not easy to say "this is gay, and this is straight", simply because for most Pokemon, you can't tell the difference. In case you're looking for a conspiracy against gay propaganda (lol), then you can point fingers at broadcasting companies who will try to censor gay stuff. Off late, however, this is also on a decline, and there's not much you can censor from an animated show meant for kids (Not like Archer, for example.)

That covers what I think is relevant to Anime/Manga

Part 3

Real world:

Is the Pokemon Company homophobic? Is GameFreak homophobic? Is Nintendo homophobic? Is Cartoon Network homophobic?

No, of course not, they're corporations, you silly, they don't have feelings.

They have one idea and one idea only: Make more money. Generally, the whole gay spectrum was hush-hush because it was a taboo subject, and also because homosexual people were (and are) in the minority. There was no reason to affiliate with or against taboo topics because it might scare customers off. Not good for a corporation. However, nowadays, homosexuality has become more prominent and accepted, so it's not as much of a hazard now. It still doesn't mean they have to portray homosexuality. If at all doing that will bring them more money, trust, they will be the first ones to go for it. The day it becomes clear having gay Pokemon is profitable, the companies will over-saturate it to gain the maximum profit. They don't care about gay people; they don't care about straight people. They only care about money, and who can bring it in for them. That's not wrong or homophobic, that's just business. Nothing personal.

Another thing: A point to consider is that maybe having a gay Pokemon specifically, is, in and itself, a homophobic idea. Then, of course, any flaws we see in Pokemon becomes due to its choice of mating partner over other obvious reasons like stats/movepool/typing/etc.

Also, having a specifically gay Pokemon goes against the notion that certain Pokemon are different. By analogy, it can be interpreted that certain people are also different. And of course, every person is different, but I mean it in the way that gay people (Pokemon) are gay because of so and so, alienating them in the process purposely or not. The whole point of it is, gay people and straight people are the same in every (most) aspect(s), with one exception: Who it is that sleeps in the bed with them.

So, for all practical purposes, gay Pokemon exist; they are not shown for the same reason straight Pokemon are not shown:

  • in the game, it doesn't matter, and makes coding difficult
  • in the anime/manga, we don't see a lot of activity between Pokemon mating habits straight or otherwise.

Final notes:

We do have certain instances, like a male Kirlia/Gardevoir/Lopunny as well as Jynx and Mr.Mime, and those already draw a bunch of controversies. Companies don't like controversies if it means parents will stop their kids from watching/playing with the content they have created/broadcast.

Also, this was my interpretation of why/not homosexuality is shown openly. I might be wrong. Also, I might have made some statements that seem rude. That was not my intention. I don't have any sort of discrimination towards anyone. If you're still offended, I'm sorry, that is neither my intention, nor my problem, so I won't change any statements that are not factually inaccurate.

I applaud the amount of effort you put into this :0
that's a lot of effort for a troll question
Thanks, Astro! :D As always, your comment much appreciated ^_^

Lanny, I was bored. Plus it is pretty interesting, I love questions like these

I felt this was something that could be answered, and seeing it was JarJar (making it >99% a troll question), I decided to give him the benefit of doubt and got to work anyway. Then again, I saw what he put on chat yesterday, so I'm convinced it was a troll. Guess he got me :/
This feels like a late comment but I just want to say that it doesn't matter that this was a troll question or not. What matters is that you answered it really well and that anyone who is genuinely curious for an answer will be able to find it. You get got when you get offended or take it literally; you realised it was a troll and you respected the troll by answering him so you were far from got. You put in a lot of effort! I appreciate how professionally and neutrally you answered this, since all kinds of responses could have been made given the social context.
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I don't feel like this can beat Mr. ~Rex but I'll just add this. There legitimately could be homosexual Pokémon, but even if you put two gay or lesbian Pokémon in the daycare, but simple biology prevents them from producing an egg.

You do realize that that has already been covered by ~Rex, right? In the game mechanics part of the first answer?