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I swear more people need to be asking this
Enjoy your eternal suffering in the unanswered section.
As of October the 2nd, 2016 Team Rocket has blasted off 550 times.
Not EXACTLY sure, but a LOT.
Dose the new way team rocket blast of (Pokémon sun and moon) count as blasting off?
It's hard to give an exact answer. As new anime shows keep coming out, the number just keeps increasing, so it might be outdated by the time other people read it.
(ha ha, sir terlor, this question is no longer in the unanswered section)
You should at least give an answer to how many times they've blasted off as of a specific date.
they have blasted off maybe 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times (XD not)

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