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Don't answer unless you actually have an answer other than "It was a teaser in X & Y".


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It quite literally has no purpose, sadly. All I can think is that it looks somewhat like a totem, perhaps hinting at the locational basis of Pokemon Sun and Moon. But I suppose that would be a teaser, lol.

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I always thought it had some connection with the tapus, perhaps with catching them. it's been classified as a "value" item, like the pearls and stuff, because it sells for a decent amount and does nothing else.
plus, the nerve of those thrifty megamart guys! they sell you the "strange souvenir" at twice its value then give you 50% off because of the card, and you think your saving money!
(they sell it for 3,000 you'll only get 1,500 for it)
What a ripoff! I want a REFUND! Lol.
yeah, because of this, the only use it has as a "value" item either, is selling the one you're given in a city somewhere i forget where