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I used all the items they allowed in 1 battle more than 6 times, and I used Mega Charizard Y as much as I can, but I still never beat Spewpa!

Try putting Scatterbug in your team.
Yeah sorry, but I watched a video on this question. For anyone who needs a tip, watch this: https://youtu.be/vGYAicTnl6s
And I used that video to beat Spewpa. So this question is now for anybody who needs a tip.
That is the same video I just saw an hour ago!

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Yeah, just listen to the comments. You just put Scatterbug in your team. It made like a 30 combo right after I began the battle, with all my moves remaining. Didn't use a single move and I smashed it outta the park.

Tell you what. the 1st time won't always work. I had it in my team but no combos happened until I used a move. Ha, I lost that one. I tried again and it just blew up. You know what I mean.
Really? Perhaps it's because of the Pokemon I was using. I don't know.
But the real question I have is how to beat Vivillon. I have nothing to beat it with.