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I get slaking/slakoth/durant/regigigas, as those can be OP (apart from slakoth and durant) and durant uses it as an advantage and slakoth is just following the theme
but what makes Archeops so OP? just why the big nerf?


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Think about it. Without Defeatist, Archeops is ridiculously overpowered (not broken, but a pain in the neck nonetheless)

With a spread of 75 / 140 / 65 / 112 / 65 / 110, it has a huge potential as a sweeper, physical, mixed or special. Combine that with its speed, makes it a threat to pretty much everything in B/W. For a glass cannon, it has decent HP which cannot be overlooked. The only setback is shoddy defenses but often times without specific counters, it is impossible to take it head on, specially for newer players.

Without Aqua Jet, you can rarely such a fast Pokemon and KO it before it wrecks half your team.

Further, it has a great movepool that takes advantage of its typing and stats. It is easy to see why it can be broken without a check in place.

I found some weird trivia about Arceops's stats. Apparently, it's the only Pokemon whose bast stat total matches its national Pokedex number. Additionally, that number is also the ID for birdlike dinosaurs in the Dewey decimal system.
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I dont know y it is, but I remember an item can block abilities (or was it switch with second ability?)
I think the item is ability capsule.
btw archeops/archen has only 1 ability.
Here are methods to prevent the ability:
1. HEALING: If you heal you Pokemon to keep it over 50% HP, you can prevent the negative effect of the ability
2. DON'T GIVE FOCUS SASH: Forget the focus sash. This item will make it's HP only 1, which is below 50%. Replace focus sash with leftovers.
3. EV TRAINING: Ev train your Pokemon's HP. This will make its HP very big and it will take time to bring it to low HP, but I dont recommend this because archen/archeops have low HP. So ev train attack/sp atk and speed.

I hope this helped :)

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