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Hello, I have been playing Pokemon from many years but never competitive. Also, this is my first question here and I do not speak English as my native language so please be forgiving.
I will put my question into an example.
So, my opponent has a Darmanitan and I switch out my Snivy for my Krookodile, and I want to trap Darmanitan with Sand Tomb. Will my opponent be able to avoid my attack by switching out or I will manage to use my move? (Take into consideration that Darmanitan was already in battle when I switched out.)

Also, in general when will my Pokemon be able to land an attack at the enemy Pokemon, before the enemy Pokemon be able to avoid it by switching out? Is my Pokemon's speed a major factor?

Thank you

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First of all, welcome to the site! :)

To answer your question. Switching out goes before any move, except pursuit. In this case the Darmantian would be able to switch out to not be trapped by your Sand Tomb, however the Pokémon he switched to will be hit by Sand Tomb and therefore trapped.

Switching out to dodge moves is a a common way to counterplay in this game. If you think you know what move the opponent will use next you can switch into a Pokémon that resists it.


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Thank you so much for the reply, you helped me a lot :)
No problem, good luck with you battling :)