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Keen Eye

Defense, Sp. Defense, and Speed

Hold Item

Mean Look - To trap the foe


Protect (I think I can alternate between Detect and
Protect as long as I want)

Please keep in mind that this moveset is generation III.

Thank you!

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Um if this is actually meant to fight or if its a staller is what we need to know.if its a staller perfect moveset,if youre going to be fighting its horrible.
Well, I am planning on trapping a foe, Toxicing it, and then Detecting and Protecting until they faint. And then repeat the process on a new foe.
Thats fine but one major flaw is that if your fighting some one they are ventually going to learn your strategy and disable it and detedt and protect cant hold out as long as it takes to knockout six pokemon.

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Protect/Detect still lose chance, even when used one after the other. So it will still have a chance to fail. A disruptor is the best way to go when using sableye, as he has plenty of useful moves like Knock off.

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