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I just want to see all the moves of some Pokemons of some characters and npc in the games.

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They have the movesets of the most notable NPCs on Bulbapedia, but I don't know any other places.
By the way, this question asks about fansites, which are technically third-party stuff, so I think this question might not be allowed.
I was under the impression that that rule only applies to third-party software/games, like ROMS, modding, and fan games.

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Serebii is your friend.

All you have to do is look up the route that the NPC in question is on using Pokéarth. Although there may be a few incomplete pages, for the most part Pokéarth has a record of every NPC's Pokémon and their movesets/items.

For example:

Alola, Route 9: Fisherman Mike's Chinchou knows Water Gun, Confuse Ray, Spark and and Bubblebeam.
Sinnoh, Route 218: In Platinum, Guitarist Tony has a Kricketune with Sing, Focus Energy, Slash and X-Scissor. He also has a Magnemite that knows Spark, Lock-On, Magnitude, and Screech.

I hope this answer is satisfactory :)

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