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I have a great srategy that I'm hoping can beat anything. slowly but very effectively

Ok, so.....

First up M60-X (Forretress)
Toxic spikes
Stealth rock
Holding ... undecided

Second M15-Y (Shuckle)
Holding Leftovers

Third M41-Z (Tyranitar)
Crunch or Payback
Holding ... well I'll figure that out when the moveset is done


Forretress must lays toxic spikes (hopefully twice). Then stealth rock, I'm going for the entry hazards here! Then hopefully, If forretress is still alive I'll use Explosion. If explosion doesn't get the kill, I'll switch to Tranitar (my sweeper) who will quickly finish them off. Then switch to Shuckle when they bring out #2. The poison should kick in nicely on #2, but if they're flying types, they will avoid it (which is okay because stealth rock will just do more damage!). Then Shuckle will stall until they die! I might give shuckle a hindering move just in case spikes don't work. And any crippled survivors can face Tyranitar's wrath. Flying types, Poison types and Psychic types (quite a few have levitate) will avoid the spikes, but will be no match for Tyranitar. It has advantageous moves and typing to those 3!

Tell me what you think, help me with the movesets, tell me weaknesses and rate it out of 100! -thanks very much

Also, should I use Hitmonchan to stall instead? it has higher sp. def. (good for fire types who will kill forretress) than any pokemon on my team, and it has thunderpunch (to deal with water types who can kill Tyranitar, and deal with flying types coming in as pokemon #2. I think that might be better.

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What if they rapid spin?

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I think you have a great strategy coming along. Out of 100 I'd give it an 95. There are just a few things to work on. First off I think you were right about switching to Hitmonchan. It has pretty good speed as well as special defense and attack, so you can hit hard first. And one move (Thunderpunch) is more effective that all the moves you could put on Shuckle to make it good. Here's a good moveset I have in mind for Hitmonchan:

Sky Uppercut
Bullet Punch

So now for Forretress. Great defense so it should hold out while it sets out Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes. If it doesn't then don't worry to much; Tyranitar is still there to do damage. Since you need one more move I'm going to suggest Earthquake because of it's great coverage against Fire types.

Tyranitar is a great choice to wipe out the remaining resistance. Earthquake and Rock Slide are good choices and I think you should go with Crunch instead of Payback. For another move go with Thunderpunch. That way you can get rid of the water weakness with out having to switch to Hitmonchan.

Overall I think you have a great strategy. It looks like it will be pretty effective and you've thought of everything. Good luck using it!!

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Yah, ive decided ill definately go hitmonchan. and that moveset is just what I had in mind. there all punching moves too, and he has iron fist!