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Okay, so I traded for a Riolu the other day, and to start my own breeding chain, I tried to max out its happiness and give it a rare candy. In my game it was day. It didn't evolve. I've tried using more berries, changing to sunne and moone dimensions, and even set my 3DS clock to 6:01. I've tried all I could, is there something I'm missing?

Make sure it has max happiness (preferably by asking the person at Konikoni City) and isn't holding an everstone.
It was holding a freaking everstone... Thank you
If this was answered, you should probably delete the question then.
Might as well leave it up if someone wants to give a complete answer with all the possibilities, that might be helpful to someone else in the future.
In cases like this, isn't the asker supposed to answer his/her/its own question?
They can if they like, though out of context "it's holding an everstone" doesn't fully resolve "why won't Riolu evolve?" which is why I'm leaving this up in case somebody wants to list off all the possibilities.

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When Riolu levels up, it won't evolve into Lucario if one of the following is true.

  • Riolu tries to evolve and its trainer presses the B button.
  • Riolu is in the Day Care.
  • Riolu is holding an everstone.
  • Riolu has less than 220 friendship. (friendship can be checked at Konikoni City)
  • The time is not daytime (6 AM to 6 PM in Sun, 6 PM to 6 AM in Moon).
  • The game has an evolution-affecting glitch that wasn't mentioned on Bulbapedia's glitch article.
  • The game was hacked.
  • None of the above conditions were met and you're suffering from memory lapse.

There were too many sources to list here. However, if you want me to verify a specific fact, I can link you to that fact's source.