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Or can any Pokemon with egg moves be born with them?

For example, Sudowoodo can be born as Sudowoodo or Bonsly. Will it only have egg moves if it is born as Bonsly?

Also, if a Pokemon can learn egg moves without the needing to be born as a baby, what are the benefits of hatching it as Bonsly, for example?

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This isn't the case for Sudowoodo, but some baby Pokemon have egg moves that their evolved forms don't.

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As long as sudowoodo knows any egg moves, and you hatch bonsly eggs with that sudowoodo, Bonsly will have any egg move that sudowoodo has.

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Yes, Sudowodo (or any other Pokemon like it) can learn egg moves. To my knowledge, there really is no advantage to hatching a baby Pokemon if you can hatch its evolved form

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The advantage is you get to fill the Pokedex.