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I received a Jirachi via Wonder trade. Its lv 100 and Shiny.
Its stats check out ok, being 310 hp
268 attack
205 defense
184 sp attack
206 sp defense
294 speed

But, it only knows Confide and is originated from Kalos.

Just wondering because it doesn't seem like it should only know one move.

Any Pokemon can know only one move. The Jirachi was probably taken to a move forgetter.
You can put the Pokemon's info into a legitimacy checker and find out; there are plenty on the internet.
As sumwun said, any Pokemon can legitimately only have one move, so just because a Pokemon has one move doesn't mean that it is hacked. However, it is still possible that your Pokemon is hacked. If you can, can you tell us the OT, ID, date of receival, ability, the Pokeball that it's in, and any other information you can find on the summary screen? Knowing all of those things could possibly help a lot in determining if your Jirachi is hacked or not.
It could most likely be hacked since I don't recall any shiny Jirachi events in gen6
@HoennFTW23 There was 3 shiny Jirachi events for ORAS and XY. However, it was in 2014 and 2015 and only for Japan and Hong Kong.

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Probably yes. I mean, come on. Who randomly wonder trades a shiny lv 100 jirachi for free? Also LeafeonMeadow is incorrect because all events are shiny locked with a few exceptions, like the Tapu Koko event.

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I think it's the 20 year event for ORAS or XY.
Hope I helped

I forgot to legitimately answer, No, It's probably not hacked.

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Yes and No... It might be hacked or it could be an advent Pokèmon then the owner could of took it to the move forgetter... Check Bulbapedia...