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Name: Celebi
Date arrived: 2/6/2014
Nature: Modest
From: Pokemon Link
At level 10
Id No.: 14350
Ability: Natural Cure

Heal Bell
Hold Back

Captured in Luxury Ball.

I wonder because it has not been trained or leveled up for three years! This is a rare thing, indeed, but is it legit?

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I can't find any Celebi events that distribute level 10 or under Celebis in luxury balls, so I'm pretty sure it's hacked.
there is a source and a prove that show different.

off course not 100% sure but thank you for your time.
atleast this celebi comes close to a legit one.

even the old owner told me to caught it legit.
so far im happy with what i have.

everyone want this celebi of level 10 if check GTS daily on pokemon X/Y
and i got this one for a shiny shaymin.

i can life with the idea to have a celebi that is not used and leveled for 3years.
i will never trade this celebi anymore.

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As far as I can tell, your Celebi is legit. It was from the Pokemon Bank event that started on February 4, 2014 and ended on September 30, 2014.


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answer to mega_sceptile.

Thx for your answer ! I have checked the Source and think indeed I been very lucky.
after many celebi I got from GTS or other trade ways.

this celebi came most close to the states of a legit examble.
even the old owner said he caught it himself and used pokebank to get it on Gen 6 game.
so he seems to be truth afterall.

im very happy with the celebi I got.
legit or not, this one means the world to me ! will never trade it again.

i appreciate your time  ! and TY
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