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Berries are not able to be grown in-game in Gen V; they were to be grown in the Dream World, a virtual world that is now inaccessible. As a result, berries can't actually be grown in Gen V and the EV-reducing berries can only be obtained at the following places:

  • Join Avenue, from the Flower Shop.
  • Route 5, from a Pokemon Breeder who sells berries. (Tamato Berries cannot be obtained through this method).
  • Black Tower/White Treehollow, as the reward for completing the boss trainers of Area 10.

Hope I helped. :)
Sources: Bulbapedia's respective pages on each of the berries; the respective pages of the locations, source

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and in black white 1?
EV-reducing berries are not able to be obtained at all in Black and White; they were only available via the Dream World.