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I'm on my way to Saffron City and I just beat Surge. My team is: Typhlosion lvl 51, Mamoswine lvl 40, Ampharos lvl 40, Lugia lvl 48, Poliwrath lvl 41, and Dragonair lvl 39. I'm scared that I'm underleveled.

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Why would you be scared? Unless you're playing with Nuzlocke rules, losing a few battles won't hurt you.

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Sabrina's Mr. Mime and Espeon are level 53, and Alakazam is level 55, so I would say you're underlevelled. I'd suggest getting everyone up to at least level 52, if not higher. You won't need all of them for the Gym battle, but if you put it off now you'll just have more grinding to do later, and grinding in HGSS is a helluva pain.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

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It's Sabrina but thanks anyway
Where should I train them??