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My current team is
Empoleon: Ice Beam, Surf, Shadow Claw, Flash cannon
Houndoom:Smog, Faint Attack, Flamethrower, Sunny Day
Staraptor:Return, Fly, Close Combat, Double Team
Roserade:Shadow Ball, Magical Leaf, Toxic, Sludge Bomb
Lucario: Quick Attack, Aura Sphere, Psychic, Ice Punch
Gardevoir or Weavile: Psychic, Magical Leaf, Focus Blast, Calm Mind (Gardevoir) or Night Slash, Ice Punch, Swords Dance (Anything you could recommend) (Weavile)

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Is this for a certain Sinnoh Gym Battle?
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Actually, as far as I know, questions like "[Pokemon] or [Pokemon]?" are not against the rules.
Well, is he asking whether Gardevoir or Weavile is better stats-wise, moveset-wise, Abilities-wise?
Yes, I'm assuming that the asker is asking which is better based on stats, abilities, movepools, etc.

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Well, according to their BSTs (Base Stat Totals), Gardevoir's BST is 518 and Weavile's BST is 510.

Based on stats:
Weavile has more HP than Gardevoir (70 vs 68).
Weavile is stronger in Attack than Gardevoir is (120 vs 65).
Their Defense of 65 is the same.
Gardevoir is stronger in Special Attack than Weavile is (125 vs 45).
Gardevoir is stronger in Special Defense than Weavile is (115 vs 85).
Weavile is faster than Gardevoir (125 vs 80).

By type, Weavile (Dark/Ice) has 5 weaknesses (4x weak to Fighting ; 2x weak to Fire, Bug, Rock, and Steel), whereas Gardevoir (Psychic) only has 3 weaknesses (2x weak to Bug, Ghost, and Dark).

Gardevoir can learn Normal-, Grass-, and Psychic-type moves through level up.
Also, she can learn Normal-, Electric-, Grass-, Fighting-, Ghost-, and Psychic-type moves as TMs.

Weavile can learn Normal-, Ice-, Fighting-, Dark-, and Steel-type moves through level up.
Also, he can learn Normal-, Water-, Ice-, Fighting-, Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type moves as TMs.

Stats-wise Weavile tops Gardevoir in HP, Attack, and Speed. Even though Weavile has 5 weaknesses, it can learn a more diverse set of moves in its movepool than Gardevoir can ever learn.

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Weavile is the man/woman you shouldn't choose. One simple reason is because you already have a dark type (Houndoom) and Empoleon has Ice Beam. You should go for the Gardevoir (Which you should choose something else for Gardevoir to learn other than Magical Leaf because Roserade already has the exact same more. In my opinion you should replace Magical Leaf with Thunderbolt for more coverage.)

Neither Houndoom nor Empoleon are fast enough or powerful enough to do the things Weavile does, so Weavile still fits the team well.
Actually Houndoom has a base speed of 95 which makes it the fastest in the team next to Staraptor who has a base speed of 100. And Empoleon has a base Special Attack of 111 which is only one more than Houndoom's 110 base Special Attack.
The problem with Empoleon is that it doesn't get STAB, so Weavile is still a lot stronger (and a lot faster) than Empoleon. Houndoom can't use its base 110 special attack for its strongest dark attack, which is crunch, so Weavile is much better than Houndoom at using dark attacks.
1. Empoleon can survive an attack with the steel typing it has. 2. Houndoom can learn Dark Pulse though TM 79 which is found at Victory Road which uses it's special attack stat nicely. 3. Type coverage is important though any playthough of a pokemon game. Why have two dark types when you can have a pokemon that covers most of the teams weaknesses? This team is weak to fighting and if you add weavile it only increase that weakness.
1. Why would you want to take a hit and attack afterward when you can one-shot the opponent before taking the hit? 2. Why would anyone wait for Victory Road for a good dark attack when they can get a Weavile and learn the dark attack earlier? Even if the Houndoom were taught dark pulse, it still won't be better than Weavile because Weavile is faster. 3. I'm almost certain that the person asking the question has already gotten past most of the fighting Pokemon, so a fighting weakness barely affects the team at this point.
Wow this has been a fun argument/debate, don't you agree? This trainer probably hasn't beaten the elite four yet with this team which is why he is looking for a final team member. So let's see how these both fair against the elite four alone? The Elite Four pretty much isn't easy for Weavile or Gardevoir. Aaron takes out both Weavile and Gardevoir because of the Bug typing (I have used these Poke's before against Aaron and have lost before.) Bertha isn't a big deal if you teach Brick Break on Weavile and it isn't a big struggle for Gardevoir if you set up some Calm Minds then Magical Leaf everything. Flint is an absolute struggle against Weavile unless you have Dig and Gardevoir  is easy after the Houndoom is taken care of.  Lucian is easy for Weavile cause you can Night Slash everything in sight (Except for Bronzong) and Gardevoir can also use Shadow Ball and take out the competition. Finally comes the Champion Cynthia which isn't actually that hard for Weavile at all. Now for Gardevoir, this will be it's hardest challenge yet because of one pokemon: Spiritomb. After the Spiritomb is out of the picture, Gardevoir should be good to go. Only other threat I can think about is Garchomp but then again when has that not been a threat? So tallying up the points the pokemon are about even. Except Cynthia gives double points since she is champion. So the winner is Weavile. Weavile is the better pokemon to use against the elite four. Any arguments?
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Tbh I like Weavile more, since its a good sweep sometimes, for me Weavile is one of the best Ice type.