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I need some help

Pokemon, seriously. This is about the fifth question you've asked regarding this playthrough of the game you're doing. Just slow down and take a break or something.
Does friendship make them listen?
No. Badges are the only thing that make them listen.
Hmmm weird my evee was traded and so was bulbasaur but they have listeend completly will I think you may be wrong because bulbasaur was level one and I gave eevee a sooth bell and took it off but they have listened completely
They'll listen to you if you train them yourself!
You know they were all level one when I got them so I did train them myself(except for larvitar)
Eevee has betrayed me TTTTT_TTTTTTTT
They will listen to you until they get to level 10 is the reason. After that they will disobey you a majority of the time. Unless you get the second badge.

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Cant do it dude its imposible

Good luck on facing her
Ugh, this is a terribly ignorant answer. Beating any Pokemon is possible (Shedinja and immunities complicate this, but you get the idea). Simply the fact that Pokemon's whole team is traded will make it very hard. Possible, but very hard.
The man needs to catch his own pokemon