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I found a nice guy who traded me his Shiny Arceus for my Terrakion! But... is it hacked?
I probably should check the IV checker soon because I recently hatched a lot of Eevee eggs...
But anyway, here's his moveset:
Blast Burn
Hydro Cannon
Earth Power
I knew off the BAT that Arceus can NOT learn those moves (except Judgment) So it's probably hacked.
But would it corrupt my game in anyway? Should I just release it?


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I honestly don't blame you for thinking it's hacked; the fact that it's shiny is pretty suspicious, and Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon are downright shifty on it. And yet... It's totally legit. It was a Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean exclusive event (so it should be in one of those languages) to promote the 18th Pokemon movie, and it had exactly the moveset you were talking about. It could even come shiny! From my experience, it's also pretty rare, so I'd definitely hang on to it. If you want to double check to make sure that it's 100% legit, though, then check out this page right here.

oh buddy! my most heart felt condolences
and it's like a classic car, you can't just go and get another one
Why would you release it when you didn't even know if it was legit or not?