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My level 30 Kadabra won't evolve when I try to trade it in Pokemon FireRed. Why won't it evolve?

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Is it holding an Everstone?
You either had an Everstone on your Kadabra or you pressed the B-button.
The B button only works for level up evolutions.
If you trade a Kadabra and it starts evolving, can't the B-button prevent the evolution

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Well, the obvious assumption or problem in concern into an evolution problem is:
1) Evolving Pokemon is holding an everstone or
2) You pressed the B-button

But, I've played Pokemon Plant and Pokemon Revolution Online - similar online games that use Pokemon Red, Blue and Green as the storyline's background. In this case, you may want to consider that the person you are trading your Kadabra to doesn't have a full team of 6 Pokemon.

When you look at newer generation games, when you trade, you can trade any Pokemon from your PC, regardless of it being in your party. However, in older generation games, if the opposing person receiving the Kadabra has a full team, Kadabra is directed to their PC, preventing this evolution.

So, you may want to try this. Hope it works! :)

Well I have a problem IT doesnt hold an everstone and I didnt toutch My game me and My friend are realy confused :'(
Check again. If your game is operating properly, then yes it is holding an Everstone.
You can't "B" cancel a trade evolution or a stone evolution. If you change it, def earned an up vote.
1) You pressed b button
2) this pok have everstone
3) lagg
4) may possible that diffrent game version had a bug and didibnt work