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when I evolve her, or breeding one so that she can learn it? :)


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So, I'm assuming you want your Eevee to become a Jolteon since you'd like it to learn thunder shock. The problem is, in no generation, even in Leaf-Green, Eevee can not learn Thunder shock. However, to get it, you'd need to:

1) Evolve Eevee to Jolteon before lvl16 to have it learn thunder shock at lvl16 or
2) Evolve it anytime you wish to Jolteon and have it Relearn the move with a Move Reminder

No eeveelutions nor Eevee can learn Thunder Shock another way. I suggest to evolve your current eevee to one more appropriate to whatever stats you have

*Please let me know if I have an important detail wrong

Hope I helped! :)

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thanks :)

she can learn thunder wave at lv 42  & then thunder at lv 52, though   so i'll choose one of them ^^

edit:  i taught her shock wave just now  ^^