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In the type expert tournament, only one type can be used, in this case, Normal. If you guys can help me defeat his slacking in that game mode, I would be grateful.

My current Normal team in the PWT type expert tournament is:

Zangooze: X-Scizor, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, and Close Combat (His EVs are in speed and attack.)
Item: Fighting Gem

Boufalant: Thrash, Stone Edge, Reversal, and Megahorn (Its EVs are in HP and attack.)
Item: Normal Gem

Braviary: Superpower, Brave Bird, Rock Slide, and Thrash (Its EVs are in speed and attack.)
Item: Focus Sash

Unfezant: Quick Attack, Giga Impact, Feather Dance, and Sky Attack (Its EVs are in speed and attack.)
Item: Silk Scarf

Audino: Heal Pulse, Blizzard, Light Screen, Reflect (Ability: Healer. Its EVs are in HP and defense.)
Item: Quick Claw

Clefable: Follow Me, Moonlight, Toxic, Double Team (Ability: Cute Charm. Its EVs are in HP and defense.)
Item: Leftovers]


In single battles I use three of the first four.
In double battles, I mix beetween offense and defense with two of the first four, and both Audino and Clefable
In rotation and triple battles I used all of them at once.


Zangoose and Braviary are my speedy damage dealers

Unfezant is my quick attack/backup specialist, because no matter how quick Zangoose and Braviary are, even having the perfect IVs and EVs, they are being outsped too many times, so Unfezant usually gives the final blow with Quick Attack.

Boufalant is my bruiser.

Audino is support.

Clefairy is both the tank and the one who attract attention to itself in double/triple battles, so Zangoose can buff himself with Swords Dance and Audino can heal others and set up defenses.


If anyone can help me, with the the right moveset or the right Pokemon, I'll be able to to defeat Norman's slaking in the the type expert PWT tournament, I'll be grateful. Thanks in advance, I really need help defeating him.

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Buy a TM for protect at the Battle Subway for 6 BP and teach it to any one of your Pokemon. When battling the Slaking, use protect when the Slaking can move, and attack when truant is active. I think this is the easiest way to beat it.

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Too many time since i asked this question, but it had worked very well, actually i'm even using it against various slakings. Is the best strategy to defeat them. I'l mark it as the best answer and give it an upvote. Thanks!