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NFE stands for 'not fully evolved', for those unaware.

Please don't question my curiosity.

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There are no such NFE Pokemon who can learn a TM that their evolution can't. If a Pokemon that was NFE learned a TM that's unique from their evolution, and then evolved, the game won't be able to register it as a possible move learned, and therefore be a bug/glitch.

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Did you actually look? Morelull learns Sunny Day but Shinotic can't.
I swear, sumwun's like a meme on this site
Yeah, this is definitely wrong. I just found that Eevee learns a bunch of TMs that Sylveon doesn't, like secret power. You really shouldn't answer questions when you don't know the answer.
Most of the Pokemon in the answer will probably come from cross-generation evolutions. For example, Eevee can learn secret power, but not Sylveon, because TM43 was changed from secret power to flame charge before Sylveon was introduced.
Also, if Eevee can learn iron tail from a TM but Sylveon can only learn it from a move tutor, does that count?
Also also, this was made by Taco: http://i.imgur.com/J5GDExt.png
About the Eevee example, I hadn't really considered generation shifts when making this question, but I was mainly thinking in terms of a single generation.  So, I guess this question is only concerned with Gen 7

PS, Haha, I have to acknowledge that image.
I can say the same. The question is tagged "gen-7", and Eevee doesn't learn secret power as a TM, or in any possible way in Sun/Moon
Also @CoolMan6001, Shiinotic can learn Sunny Day as a TM according to https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/756.shtml , pokemon showdown, and pretty much any other website. It could've been a typo on this website. So y'all stop going against me.
First, Bulbapedia claims that Serebii and Showdown! are both wrong in this case, so the only good way to resolve this is to test it yourself. Second, how do you know that there aren't any bugs or glitches?
So just to clarify, you're asking if there are any pre-evolution moves (moves that a Pokémon can only know if it learned it as its pre-evolved form, and then evolved) that are also TMs.
I cannot think of any, and I'm not sure it would make much sense if such a set up existed. But moves can be weird, so it's possible. But as far as I'm aware, there is no pre-evo that is also a TM
No Evan, I think he wants to know if they are able to learn any given TM and then evolve, then being unable to learn said TM once evolved. I'd guess no...
Checked in game. Shiinotic doesn't learn Sunny Day.

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With the use of Excel, a fantastic Pokedex resource and this table, I was able to solve this. Note, the Pokedex resource is only applicable to Sun and Moon, thus HMs aren't really included because they're all TMs in Gen VII. I found a grand total of three instances where a NFE Pokemon learns a TM that its evolution cannot learn:

  • Morelull learns TM11 Sunny Day; Shiinotic cannot. (Serebii dissents this but sources seem to differ; I'll just state it here.)
  • Togetic learns TM67 Smart Strike; Togekiss cannot.
  • Finneon learns TM96 Nature Power; Lumineon cannot.

The latter two facts have been cross-referenced by Serebii (check links).

Note that this only refers to Sun and Moon; there may be many more instances of this phenomenon in other generations.

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I had the same confusion with Morelull and Shiinotic with Sunny Day; but I never found Togetic/Finneon. Also, I see your starting to use my *"Hope I helped! :)". XD