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So I'm currently doing an X nuzlocke, and I'm on Route 7. There are 4 artists on that route (2 separate, 1 double battle), and they all have Smeargle. Each of them seems to have a different moveset to cover many types (I remember seeing Vine Whip, Brick Break, Confusion, Metal Claw, and Pursuit). Individually, what is each Smeargle's set?


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The moveset for Artist Georgia's Smeargle is Ember, Water Gun, Vine Whip, and Brick Break.
The movesets for Artist Family Mona & Paolo's Smeargles are Helping Hand, Metal Claw, Gust, and Clear Smog and Helping Hand, Pursuit, Confusion, and Twister.
The moveset for Artist Pierre's Smeargle is Thunder Shock, Powder Snow, Rock Throw, and Rock Smash.


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