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What is the big story with the girl next tot hat man that dissapears if you go near her.also there is an old woman saying about an abra girl who used to live there with her abra before the bridge was built.is she a ghost or something.

Also, someone asked this before!

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I think that the girl who disappears on the bridge might be the girl with the abra and maybe you cant see it but the abra could be somewhere nearby and it just teleported her so she disappears but im not sure either

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Your first question: No idea. Maybe a game glitch.
Your second question: They might be talking about Sabrina, a Kanto Gym Leader. She had an Abra before it evolved.

There IS a woman that disappears on the Marvelous Bridge when you get near her.
Than there is a man near there too that's just as confused as you are.
Its not a glitch it really does happen