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I'm programming a Pokémon hack detector, and I'm trying to make as few libraries by hand as possible. Right now, I specifically need a library that includes locations, preferably a .csv file or something otherwise compatible with HTML/JavaScript. If someone could give me a link to the libraries Bulbapedia or Serebii uses, that would be great. I've already investigated a few libraries, including this site's and veekun's; as much as I love this site, there are several errors in the Pokedex (I've looked through just Gen 1 and found a number of errors) and veekun's Pokedex is missing Gen 7 locations, so please don't give me one of these libraries.

I'm asking this on the PokeBase rather than in the Meta because this question doesn't have to do with this site specifically.

Sorry for being a nerd.

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I'm looking for comprehensive in-game data for ALL main-series Pokémon games. Ideally, this would include levels, as well as gift Pokémon, in-game trades, and everything else sumwun mentioned, and not just for the Gen 7 games. While Bulbapedia and Serebii probably already has all the information I would need, the information is scattered across hundreds of pages, making it very difficult to gather in its entirety. I've considered trying to contact Serebii to ask if he could give me access to the source that site uses (since I'd imagine it would all be compiled in one location).
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PKHeX might be useful for this, if you were to gather all of the pokemon's "Legal" met locations.
That's not always helpful. When the location says "met in a trade", you don't know where the trade happened.

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