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I'm programming a Pokémon hack detector, and I'm trying to make as few libraries by hand as possible. Right now, I specifically need a library that includes locations, preferably a .csv file or something otherwise compatible with HTML/JavaScript. If someone could give me a link to the libraries Bulbapedia or Serebii uses, that would be great. I've already investigated a few libraries, including this site's and veekun's; as much as I love this site, there are several errors in the Pokedex (I've looked through just Gen 1 and found a number of errors) and veekun's Pokedex is missing Gen 7 locations, so please don't give me one of these libraries.

I'm asking this on the PokeBase rather than in the Meta because this question doesn't have to do with this site specifically.

Sorry for being a nerd.

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You could try making your own string-parsing program that builds your own library by parsing Bulbapedia articles.
That's an interesting idea, even though I'm not quite sure if I could pull something like that off. I wouldn't call myself an amateur programmer, but I'm certainly no expert. I'll try that as a last resort.
You can also try manually adding all the information to the library.
Yeah, I know, but that's exactly the kind of work I'm trying to avoid at all costs. It's just WAY too much work.
Ask this on Smogon. You might get a good answer there.
I've actually been able to make that Bulbapedia string parser you've suggested, and have been using the information to build my own library. I'm planning to post a link to it as an answer when I'm done.
I highly suggest since they have from Pokemon moves to routes to Pokemon location and etc but paraphrase first tho

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