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So Ash Greninja was in the special Sun and Moon demo, however, it appeared in the anime series of XYZ... Why in Sun and Moon, though? Shouldn't it have come as a event for X and Y? Or is it just me |(•~•)|

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I think it's because XY was made before Ash's Greninja, so Ash's Greninja doesn't exist in XY. Something can't be an event if it doesn't exist.
Also, the same goes before Zygarde's cells, cores, and its 10% and 100% Formes were implemented into the games, since they were introduced in the Pokémon XYZ series.
Okay, thanks

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Ash-Greninja was revealed after X and Y was released, so Ash-Greninja was released in the next possible games, which were Sun and Moon.

Best answer, i was about to answer the same thing. He was made after the game xy.
Wait... didn't ORAS come after XY? •~•
ORAS is just a "reboot" of sorts. I don't think they count "those" games.
Oh okay
ORAS was in the same generation as XY, so in some ways they can't add anything that didn't exist in XY.
Well, they have Primals and XY doesn't... it has megas •~•
Did Ash-Greninja even exist when ORAS was released?
IDk probably