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I want to start my PVP team and no idea what pokes can match on same team ?

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I recommend reading "Synergy and Cores - The Fundamentals of Teambuilding"

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I'm definitely not the most experienced Pokemon battler, but I did learn a few things from lurking on Smogon Forums. If this answer isn't good enough, then just tell me why it isn't good enough and I'll hide it.
First, you should come up with a "core" of one or two Pokemon. If you want an offensive team, then find one or two Pokemon that can sweep the majority of opponents. If you want a defensive team, then find one or two Pokemon that can wall the majority of opponents.
To fill the rest of the team, as you already pointed out, you should use Pokemon that synergize with the "core". The first kind of synergy is support, and the support your team needs depends on your playstyle. For example, stall teams like toxic, and bulky offense teams like u-turn. If you don't know what support your team needs, then you should find some similar teams on Smogon's sample teams or RMT team showcases and use the same support moves that they do.
In most formats, every Pokemon is threatened by a few other Pokemon, and the core you just built is no exception. Because of this, teammates that check your threats are very helpful. If the core is weak to a specific type, then you should definitely have a teammate that's strong against the type. If it's threatened by a specific Pokemon, then consider having a teammate that checks the Pokemon.

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Well, these kind of questions are very vague, and there's no real right answer onto coming up with a perfect team. But, there are some ways to consider maybe what kind of Pokemon will go hand in hand with each other.

1) You don't really want a team with all of the same-typing; want to be sort of equally balanced throughout
2) Consider having a mix of attackers and defenders
3) Some popular strategies:
- Moves that work with Moves (Fusion Bolt/Fusion Flare)
- Moves that work with abilities (Sunny Day/Chlorophyll)
- Abilities that work with moves (Hail/Blizzard)
- Abilities that work with Abilities (Drizzle/Swift Swim)

These are just some of the few standards you want when making a team, and this a good start into knowing what Pokemon "synergise" with one another. However, if your still stuck, this website provides very helpful information into considering moves slots, stat distributions, and even good team options for any Pokemon of interest.

Hope I helped! :)

The "moves that work with moves" and "moves that work with abilities" are not popular or good strategies because it takes a turn to use the move. Also, a mix of attackers and defenders is usually not as good as a whole team of walls or a whole team of sweepers. For example, if there was a Chansey on a team of sweepers, then there would be no physically bulky wall to switch into when Chansey is threatened by a physical attacker.