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I just wanted to see if there was anything to improve, and what items I should use.

Typhlosion:@??? Timid
Eruption ( Amazing STAB )
Extrasensory ( Coverage )
Earthquake ( Coverage )
Overheat ( Don't go down without a fight )

Umbreon:@??? Impish
Curse ( Makes him tankish )
Payback ( Probally going last, so why not
soak up the hit then murder? )
Toxic ( Epic Wall Time )
Moonlight ( Hp )

Heracross:@??? Adamant
Megahorn ( Hard Hitting STAB )
Close Combat ( Hard Hittin STAB )
Stone Edge ( Coverage )
Earthquake ( Coverage )

Kingdra:@??? Adamant
Dragon Dance ( Setting Up )
Waterfall ( STAB )
Outrage ( Sweeping time! )
Draco Meteor ( I'm not suffering from the
aftermath.... )

Ampharos:@??? Timid
Agility ( Boost that crappy speed )
ThunderBolt ( Classic Sweeping )
Cotton Guard ( Easily Makes physical Moves
nearly useless )
Signal Beam ( Kill those pesky psychics and
dark types )

Espeon:@??? Modest
Psyshock ( Love the whole physical damage )
Sunny Day ( Helps Moonlight,Morning Sun,
and Typhlosion )
Morning Sun ( Did I give it away? )
Shadow Ball ( Coverage )

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Your Typhosion is pretty good but I would switch out eruption for Flamethrower. Flamethrower is stab on Ty and reliable, and decently strong. Overheat is only good as a last resort and even then not the best choice especially since you already have a Stab move, and I would switch it out for Thunderpunch.
Also I would switch Psyshock for Psycic because being a modest nature means your going to have a much higher Spc.atk. Also I just want to let you know in order for Espeon's moveset to give you an advantage Espeon needs to be your first pokemon that way you can get the sunny day over with and start your mass sweeping l) hope this helps

A. Psyshock still uses your special attack, it just attacks the opponents physical defense.
B. Eruption is way more powerful considering I have a timid nature all I need is to get in with full hp, and I meant to actually switch Overheat for flamethrower for if I take a hit and still need an STAB move.
C. I'm not migrating, so I can't get T-Punch
D. Yes, I was planning on leading with espeon :D
Ok.. sorry  it thought you didnt have to migrate or him to learn thunderpunch and really?(for A)
Yeah, He only learns T-Punch in HG/SS.
And yes Really.