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Im thinking that may be if used the right way THE GREATEST COMBO EVER if you guys disagree or have a suggestion to this death by critical combo please answer

Andwhen I said best combo ever I meant most likely combo to Critical and KILLLL LOOOK HERE IF YOUR ANSWERING MY QUESTIOn
Ahem, Absol with Super Luck + scope lens + STAB night slash = Pretty nice combo

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sends out Gengar

Focus energy isn't a very useful move since you could just attack in the turn you used it. Unless your strategy calls specifically for a critical hit, then I wouldn't go with it. Earthquake, while powerful, still fails when used against flying types or levitate users. This combo can do quite a bit of damage, but it's not the greatest combo ever, as it can still be countered by a fair amount of pokemon, many of whom are very common in the metagame.

Read my comment please before you answer......
Still a good answer and actually I just thought up the combo I knew it seriously would be crushed by Gengar( heheheh not by  Meditite) I just wanted to seee how many people wouldd think its the ultimate way to get a crit
I read that, but Critical hits still won't be reliable as most pokemon don't have enough bulk to take a hit using FE and then another to attack, and if they do, the critical hit won't likely be effective due to their lower offensive stats. It is very predictable as well; if you use focus energy, I know you're going to attack next, so I can plan accordingly.
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If you are looking for a way to get as most critical hits as possible, then storm throw.