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So I caught a Golbat with a Friend Ball, and talked to the happiness lady who said my Golbat really trusts me, but when I level up my Golbat, it doesn't evolve. Is there something I'm missing? A level he has to be before he'll evolve?

I'm playing Crystal, my Golbat is level 37.

Thanks in advance.

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Your Golbat should be close to evolving, but it is possible that it doesn't quite have enough friendship to evolve. When Pokemon evolve by leveling up with enough friendship, they need to have 220 or higher friendship. The quote "I get the feeling that it really trusts you." from the friendship rater in Gold/Silver/Crystal is said when the Pokemon being rated has 200-249 friendship, so the most likely situation is that your Golbat has between 200-219 friendship.