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My Nidoran's ability is Poison Point, and her Nature is Careful. If I were to trade her over to Alpha Sapphire, would they stay the same?

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Almost every detail of Pokémon from 3rd generation games remains unchanged when they are brought all the way up to Sun and Moon, including the Pokémon's nature and ability. There are a handful of exceptions (Gengar, Scolipede, Chandelure) but you will still have a careful Nidoran (F) with Poison Point. Depending on its current moveset, PP of moves may have gone up or down.

Source: experience. I still have the Venusaur from my first playthrough of LeafGreen, still Impish and still Overgrow.

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her moveset is,

bite, fury swipes, poison sting & cut
You will need to go to the move deleter on LeafGreen (in Fuchsia) and get rid of Cut. HM moves will prevent your Pokémon from being able to migrate in earlier generations. None of those moves have had power points altered.