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It is a Jolly Nature

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The nickname is a Warriors reference. It's definitely not hacked.
It was a level one a first... Breeded?
I hate Warrior Cats. At home I burned all my warriors books (Which I had at least 5 of) with actual fire. But that's not on topic so the stats are nothing suspicious. I think it's legitimate.
How sad. I love Warriors.
Glad you enjoy it.

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It's not necessarily hacked. Litten can learn Flamethrower through level-up and TM, Ember through level-up, and Overheat and Flame Charge through TM.

Thanks to sumwun for clarifying that the nickname given to little Litten is a reference to "Warriors".

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Yeah I know it is a WARRIORS ref. I read the series XD. But thanks!
Honestly Rusty is more fitting as Litten appears to be a first evolution and Rusty is Firestar's former name.
But considering they got it in a trade (at least I assume they did; why else would they be asking?), and can't change the nickname, the "star" title will be fitting when it's an Incineroar.
I didn't understand that, what the name has to do with this? There is something like a special organization who are know to never hack and give that kind of name to a pokemon or things like that?
No, the nickname doesn't have any relevance to whether it's hacked or not; we're just discussing whether it's a fitting nickname because we can :P