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I was Link Trading with someone random on Passerby in Pokémon Sun and Moon. We traded some battle ready pokémons but then he started giving me a shiny Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Entei and Dialga for free! When I later took a look at their summaries, I found them a little suspicious. Like I said, they we're all shiny as well as:
-They all had the same OT: Mitsuki.TV
-They all have 6 perfect IVs
-Dialga and Rayquaza even came with Pokérus
-Groudon and Kyogre came from Hoenn, Rayquaza and Eintei from Johto and Dialga from Unova.
They still all have legit moves and legal EVs. Can someone explain if they are hacked or not, maybe the OT is a well-know hacker or anything? Please tell me if they are hacked or not because they are interesting and if they are legit I would probably use them in an Ubers / UU battle ;)

Ok I’d be grateful lol
I have this really nice rayquaza, but I can use it in the battle spot so I guess it’s not hacked, and it’s shiny

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Yes. They're definitely hacked. You see, judging by the OT's name this is likely one of those channels giving away free shinies on the GTS. And I found the channel! So I asked how he gets his Pokemon and he said he turns every last Pokemon into whatever the GTS is asking for. In other words meaning it's hacked and then cloned.

Source: Information from this channel
EDIT: Wow. He got terminated. That's a real backbone.

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Thanks a lot for answerring! I didn't know this, and I totally agree with the fact that hacking is not fun for anyone. I think I will probably wonder trade those away or release them :)
I think it's the same dude who traded me a Marshadow. Still no sign of an event for us Aussies so I'll take what I can get.
Mitsuki... his YouTube account was already terminated. That should show something. I subscribed to him and got some Pokemon... he claims they're not hacked, only cloned. It is strange that his bots always have the right Pokemon in the first slot.
^^^ Wow. The time I answered this question it was still active.