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Like a minigame who allow you to EV train your Pokemon, or if the only look alike way is in the Poke Pelago using the island that raise the EVs. Or is there another way that works like Super Training (minigame) in Generation Six? I'm not asking about Hyper Training. Hyper Training is a very different and is used for another thing. Also, I'm not talking about Vitamins or defeating Pokemons in the wild. I'm asking about something that works like the Super Training. (A minigame)

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You can fight wild Pokemon like people did in every game...
My question is another, that is various ways of EV train and i already know, what i want to know if is something that work like the super training, a mini game to make you train your pokemon to the start to the end. And if the only look alike way is from that particular island on the poke pelago.  (They edited my question and it make it almost a different one,  i'l edit it a bit, hope they don't mind)
There appears to be something called 'Bouncy House' in the Festival Plaza, but I don't know if it is a mini game of any sort. I would have to check it in more detail

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Different Pokemon gives different EVs:
For example, a zubat yields one Speed EV.

You can easily you this method to EV train in the games, as sumwun mentioned.

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Speed. Zubat gives one speed EV
Apparently the person asked for a minigame, not fighting wild Pokemon. This answer is wrong.
Oh, sorry hyper beam. I meant to write speed but got too caught up observing the blood moon. Sorry for the inconvenience.