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i just wanna do it to fill my dex faster.

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Pretty sure you cannot transfer Pokémon back a Generation from Gen 7-6  You can only transfer Pokémon forward in Generation from 6-7.

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You cannot transfer Pokémon between games of different generations. Because XY and ORAS are all Gen VI games, you can move Pokémon around those games with Poké Bank. But, Sun and Moon are Gen VII games, so you cannot transfer Pokémon in SM back to XY/ORAS. It's a one-way transaction.

Any Pokémon caught in or transferred to the Generation VII games cannot be transferred to the Generation VI games. Such Pokémon are outlined in a white square when using a Generation VI game with Pokémon Bank.
~ Bulbapedia

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Maybe with so many people steamed about a lack of freedom, Nintendo or who ever would be responsible for such changes might take a better look at Pokebank and allow for back moves (and I personally would like to see items transferable [both ways]. my Gen VI games are a treasure trove)
I agree with hyper beam. I'd love to transfer my thousands of berries and my megastones.