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I have the event Own Tempo Rockruff, my time is 5:32 pm, and she’s level 25, why isn’t she evolving?

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Did you level it up to level 25 during 5-6 or before?
I am also having problems...I've now gotten mine to Level 26 and no evolving yet.
Did you get yours to evolve? I'm having the same issue where she won't evolve in the specified time. Right now she is a level 31 Rockruff. Is it random after level 25?
Do you play moon if so set it for 5AM
My Rockruff is lvl36 and I have ultra sun, I trained it after 5PM but is the time different because Im in AUS? It didnt evolve, also I trained in the morning just in case. I didnt work. HELP
It needs to be between 5:00 PM and 5:59 PM, and this also needs to be the time on your actual 3DS. One of those things went wrong for you.
It doesn't have anything to do with your geographical location, only the time it says on your 3DS.

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Okay So I recently found out that if you're playing Ultra Moon it's 5-5:59AM not PM because in Moon it would be classed as Dawn not Dusk as at 5pm it transitions into Day not Night.

Also worth noting that the game disables or 'delays' time-based events for 24 hours if you try to skip-travel time. If you don't want to wait a day, you might want to set an alarm to evolve Rockruff if you have Ultra Moon.
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It needs to be level 25+

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Its 25+, bud.
On the little booklet telling you how to get it... it said 29+...
Can you link the source, plea see?
JasonEeveelution, stop acting like everything needs a source.
Sources back-up your argument and shows where you got your info/knowledge from.
You don't need to back-up your answers.