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I was going through GTS trade and got a shiny Magnezone for my Level 92 Nagandel. It was shiny, so I got a bit suspicious, that it was being traded for something you can get in-game easily. Here are the stats and moves:

Magnezone @ Magnet (Pokérus)
Has a relaxed nature, and sturdy body, and Analytic ability.
"Seems to have traveled across time and space to reach you from the Kanto region."
Flash Cannon /Thunderbolt / Magnet Rise / Volt Switch
Level 100

289 Sp. Atk / 262 HP / 192 Atk / 291 Def / 227 Sp. Def / 143 Spd.

The only reason I think it's hacked is that shiny + HA + Pokérus + level 100 and that I think it's not possible for a Pokémon bred in Kanto to have a Hidden Ability because they were introduced Generation V. If they used a Virtual Console and transferred it over then it would make more sense, but shiny Pokémon were introduced Generation II, so transferring a Kanto Pokémon, and having it be shiny and HA is very lucky.. Pokérus was also introduced later, also in Gen II. It could be pure luck, but I don't think it just matches up. The player I traded with- I can't paste their name or anything, and it seems they're Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, because of the name of the Pokémon and their own name. (I can't read any of the languages stated above, so I get them mixed up)

Does anyone think this is a hacked Pokémon- or just a lucky trainer?

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I think that all Pokémon transferred from Virtual Console have their hidden ability. In addition, they can become shiny when you transfer them. It could've gotten Pokérus from luck or from another Pokémon in their party, so it's hard to say whether it's hacked.
This is definitely possible, though as you mentioned it's very hard to get without hacking.

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Yes, it is hacked.
It's subtle, but the way you can tell is by it's characteristic, "Sturdy Body." That means that its highest IV (or one of its highest, in the case of a tie) is defense, and that there is either a 0 or 5 in the ones place (so it could be 0, 5, 10, 15, etc.), but a Pokémon transferred over from the Red/Blue virtual console always has at least three perfect IVs. So, yes, this Pokémon is definitely hacked.

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There is no way to tell for sure that this Pokemon is hacked. It has a legal move set, and all Pokemon transferred from Red/Blue/Yellow on the virtual console have their hidden ability - that isn't chance. It is also possible that they can become shiny when you transfer them over, even though you can't tell they are shiny in the Gen I games. This is luck-based, though, and quite hard to get, although it can certainly happen. The pokerus could have been added to it once it was transferred over, as all you need to get that is another Pokemon with the virus.

With all of that having been said, it is still extremely suspicious. Shiny + Pokerus (+ HA, although that isn't really a factor here because of the transfer mechanics) is always suspicious, on top of it being a level 100.

I can't say for sure that it is legitimate, but it is possible.