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I know that there was a similar question, but this is different. I want to know them in the order they can be/are found, separated into islands. for instance, Flyinium Z is only available after visiting Poni Island, so put it after the other two in the Melemele section. You get me? the order per island is actually really important to me because I'm doing a fanfiction, and my protagonist doesn't leave the island until all the Z Crystals possible are obtained. It's important to me. Answer for Sun/Moon, please do not spoil US/UM at all.

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If you use the earliest possible time you can obtain any of these Z Crystals, then this is your final list.

  1. Normalium Z (Melemele): Given to you by Ilima after completeing his trial.
  2. Fightinium Z (Melemele): Given to you by Hala after defeating him in the grand trial.
  3. Waterium Z: (Akala): Given to you by Lana after completing her trial.
  4. Firium Z (Akala): Given to you by Kiawe after defeating his trial.
  5. Grassium Z (Akala): Given to you by Mallow after completing her trial.
  6. Rockium Z (Akala): Given to you by Olivia after defeating her in the grand trial.
  7. Electrium Z (Ula'ula): Given to you by Sophocles after completing his trial.
  8. Steelium Z (Ula'ula): Given to you by Molayne after defeating Sophocles' trial.
  9. Ghostium Z (Ula'ula): Given to you by Acerola after completing her trial.
  10. Psychium Z (Ula'ula): Found in the Haina Desert after completeing Acerola's trial.
  11. Buginium Z (Ula'ula): Found in the chest next to Guzma's chair in the Shady House after defeating him.
  12. Darkinium Z (Ula'ula): Given to you by Nanu after defeating him in the grand trial.
  13. Flyinium Z (Melemele): Found in Ten Carat Hill (Requires Tauros Charge and Machamp Shove).
  14. Poisonium Z (Poni): Given to you by Plumeria after defeating her Team Skull Grunts on Ancient Poni Path.
  15. Groundium Z (Poni): Given to you by Hapu after defeating her in the grand trial.
  16. Fairium Z (Poni): Given to you by Mina after encountering her in Vast Poni Canyon.
  17. Dragonium Z (Poni): Found after completeing the final trial in Vast Poni Canyon.
  18. Icium Z (Ula'ula): Found on Mount Lanakila within its cave.

Or, for a more shortened version:
Melemele has 3: Normal, Fighting, and Flying
Akala has 4: Water, Fire, Grass, and Rock
Ula'ula has 7: Electric, Steel, Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Dark, Ice
Poni has 4: Poison, Ground, Fairy, Dragon

I wasn't entirely sure if you wanted Pokemon specific Z Crystals as well, so I didn't include them, but if you'd like me to, I can. Hope I could help!

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wait, is the shortened version in order? because if it is, that's all I actually wanted in the first place, thanks.
Not really, since there's some backtracking in-game involved. That's why I put both.
Still counts, thnx