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What Pokémon have two or more priority moves and can also learn Eexplosion/Self-Destruct?

I know Shiftry does, but I want know there is a better one that exists.

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Can Protect count as one of the priority moves, because almost everything can learn protect

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The only two I could find were:


You mentioned with one yourself. It gets Explosion + Quick Attack + Fake Out.


This one learns Explosion + Feint + Sucker Punch.

I couldn't find any other Pokemon meeting the criteria, but it is definitely possible I missed something.

Thanks to ThinkGraser for pointing out Genesect, which can learn Explosion + Quick Attack + Extreme Speed. The reason I didn't notice this one is that it only gets Extreme Speed through an Event it had in Gen V. So unless you happen to have one of those very rare Genesect around, or don't mind hacking, then you won't be able to get this one. As ThinkGraser also pointed out, Mew is another one. It can get Explosion + Sucker Punch + Vacuum Wave. Sucker Punch and Vacuum Wave are both move tutor moves from Generation IV, though, so you will need to transfer a Mew over from there to get them legally.

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Genesect can learn Explosion/Selfdestruct, Quick Attack, and Extreme Speed. Mew can learn Selfdestruct, Sucker Punch, and Vacuum Wave.
I knew I should have checked out the previous generations more thoroughly. I checked out Mew briefly because it's, well, Mew. I knew Vacuum Wave was a move tutor move, but completely forgot Sucker Punch was, as well.
Smeargle can learn all priority moves, the Shellder family can learn explosion, bide, and ice shard, the Gastly family can learn explosion, bide, and sucker punch, and Glalie can learn explosion, bide, and ice shard.
I don't think we can really count Bide, since it takes 3 turns to attack. If you want to use a priority move, it is usually so you can take out the enemy before they can attack you. Bide is really the complete opposite of that. Smeargle, of course, can learn anything :)
Bide is still technically a priority move.