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Ability: Cacophony (Really?)
Moves: Boomburst, Rest, Sleep Talk, Disarming Voice.
Nature: Serious
IVs: 6 In every IV.

I don't know, it looks VERY suspicious to me. Especially with the ability.

Fun fact: If a Pokemon has an ability that it shouldn't have, it's almost definitely hacked.
^ Thanks for not helping. Here's a special place called "Hell" that I recommend for you.
I don't see how that didn't help. Exploud can't get Cacophony, so your Exploud is definitely hacked.
I don't even think Cacophony exists past Gen 3...

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Cacophony is an unreleased version of the ability Soundproof. Because of the ability's name, yes, it is hacked. You are unable to change an ability's name through legitimate means. However, it is not OP because Cacophony is just a re-named Soundproof.

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