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I've been playing Platinum for a while and I'm wondering which move I should give my Medicham: Zen Headbutt or Psychic. Both are strong STAB moves that have their own upsides:

Zen Headbutt can cause flinching
Psychic weakens your enemy's Special Defense

Tell me what you think is a better choice.


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Zen Headbutt

Medicham's ability is Pure Power, which raises the Attack stat. Zen Headbutt should benefit much more from the physical STAB than special STAB. I think Zen Headbutt is more powerful evn with Psychic having a little more base power.

Source: Medicham's Pokedex

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Naturally, I would advise you to choose depending on your Medicham's offensive stats: Zen Headbutt if it's Attack is higher, Psychic if it's Sp. Attack is higher. However, I'm going to assume your Medicham has Pure Power as it's ability, making Zen Headbutt a much more powerful move.

Consider if you want to prioritize power over accuracy! If Medicham's Sp. Attack is superior, I would just stick with Psychic.

Another thing to consider is if you want your Medicham to be a mixed attacker or specialize in one category. If it specializes in either physical or special moves, you may want to stick with that or keep it mixed, again depending on it's stats. (It would still benefit from Pure Power if it is a mixed attacker)

Also - the flinching that Zen Headbutt causes may really come in handy if your Medicham has high enough speed. Does it? Consider it's stats.

Sorry if I rambled :) I hope this helps!

Give this a BA! Much more detailed. I forgot to talk about natures and other stuff..
In Platinum, all Medichams have pure power, so that outweighs everything else you can possibly consider. Use zen headbutt.